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Key features of your website

  • Straightforward and intuitive edit pages from which you add or change your site content.
  • You can link or embed images, video, audio and other multimedia as required.
  • You can revert to an earlier version of a page if you make a mistake.
  • Your site can be extended to include such functionality as a shopping cart, surveys, polls, lots more.
  • Your site's appearance may be completely changed at any time without disturbing the content, in keeping with company policy or current design trends..
  • Automatic scheduled backups of your site content which can be restored at any time.
  • A sophisticated permissions system enables you to safely authorise staff to make site changes.
  • You may link to community networking sites such as FaceBook and Twitter.
  • You have full control over search engine page content descriptions and keywords.
  • Notification of any changes you make are automatically submitted to the primary search engines.
  • Statistical visitor data available.
  • Google Analytics visitor data analysis and more.
  • Automatic generation of comprehensive site maps and submission to major search engines.
  • Help files available on your site with additional help pages here on this site.
  • Unlimited email accounts on your domain.

Service above & beyond the call of duty

  • Ongoing free support with assistance to learn the management system but also an ongoing helping hand to keep your site looking great and functioning well. Generally we do not charge for responding to a 'Help me, I'm stuck' call. Additional charges would apply only if substantial changes and extensions are required that were not within the scope of the initial agreement.
  • Periodic SEO tweaks to improve search engine ranking.
  • Free maintenance in repect of updated modules becoming available. These would be uploaded and configured without charge so your site remains up-to-date and secure.