Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile Freindly

Is your existing website mobile-friendly? Does it display well on small screens?

It has been reported that the search engine company Google will penalise the rankings of sites that are not optimised for mobile viewing when the search query originates from a mobile device. In other words, if you do a search using your mobile phone then Google will first list sites that render well on your device. This change in policy does not impact upon the results returned for queries from a desktop computer.

All sites we build are mobile friendly so you may be confident that your rankings will not be detrimentally affected.


Got an existing site that is NOT mobile-friendly?

We have partnered with a third-party provider whose software will generate a mobile version of your existing site. The results are truly excellent, all without disturbing the files that generate your desktop site. The cost? Well, you might just be truly surprised.

Statistics show that, increasingly, people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices to do consumer research and to shop on line. It would be a shame if your company missed out on a share of the business resulting from this trend simply because your website is frustrating when viewed on the smaller screen.

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